“Excuse the pun, but that’s the way we roll!”

Turn up, chill out, relax, have a cup of coffee (or tea), compliment the Greenkeeper on just how good the green is looking today and then maybe, we might just have a game of bowls.

In fact our club ethos is a very simple one…
You decide just how involved you want to be.

You can attend whenever you wish as a “social player”, with absolutely no commitment to inter club matches.

You could on the other hand play in the Woodbridge league throughout the season as part of our team, against other Suffolk clubs – we are currently in league two, we would like to move on up to league one.

Or you may just want to stay local, team up and enter into our pairs and triples tournaments.

Social bowls?
League bowls?
Tournament bowls?

or all of the above? It’s really up to you…


Club Chairman: Bob C. Our Diplomat & Mediator. Keeps us all calm when circumstances become challenging. Read the forward from our Chairman here:

A welcome from our Club Chairman

Club Secretary: Steve KW. Loves technology (some say he plugs himself into his PC via USB), and organising to the last detail.

Treasurer: Steve S. Sits in his counting house. Looks after the club coffers, and accounts for every last penny. (Actually, I’m sure he recently announced he’d booked an all inclusive in the Bahamas!)

Greenkeeper & Club Captain: Miguel V. Very hard working. Keeps the green and gardens in tip top condition (not too shabby at bowls either).