“The exciting stuff”  Membership

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Membership Application Form 2022

Despite rising costs, and the recent pandemic, we have strived to maintain a very reasonable annual subscription membership fee, currently just £35.00 (which is collected in the Spring – usually late March). To put that into perspective, that’s just £1.75 per week…Wowzers!  

The season commences April and runs to late September, sometimes into October if the Chairman decides we can play on a little longer. In addition, we ask for just £1.00 whenever you attend in any given week. That £1.00 gives you unlimited tea, coffee, and biscuits for the entire week, now that’s a lot of bang for your buck! and I guess that’s where we come full circle – time to retire to the clubhouse, get that kettle on, lets have a coffee!

“The boring stuff”

We offer an introductory period where you pay no money whatsoever, totally free, nada! We take this approach because we are all different right? We would much prefer you experience bowls, before you part with your hard earned cash.

You may decide bowls is not for you. Hey! that’s totally fine, we won’t take offence. We would rather you feel comfortable as a newbie to our club and the game. You are under no pressure whatsoever to join up, which is why we ask for no membership subscription at this stage.

There is always someone within the club who will gladly explain the game and generally take you under their wing whilst you build up your confidence. We also have all the equipment to hand, that you can use on your introduction morning/afternoon. Thereafter, you would need to invest in your own set of bowls – size? weight? colour? brand new? second hand? So many decisions! but no pressure, we are here to help.

So what are you waiting for?